Terms and Conditions

Last Update 8 months ago

1. By one email ID, only one account can be made.

2. By one Account only one plan can be active, if user will active multiple plans by one account, his/her account will be suspended.

3. If any user will attempt any fraud, illegal ,hacking or trick related activity, his/her account will be suspended immediately.

4. User account will be suspended, If any user found in any fake negative activity or involve in propaganda on any Forum again company.

5. If members have any problem "Get Support" for solution. We will resolve issues within maximum 3 working days.

6. If you have any problem then contact our team and try to solve problem, because some time mistakes happen because of technical problem, so before giving bad reviews contact our team.

7. We will only accept investment on this website and we will not accept investment from some where else.

8. Double check accounts before depositing/withdrawing the founds to avoid any mistake, in-case of any user mistake claim will not be accepted.

9. Any loss due to technology or system failure or user mistake, will not be compensated.

10. All Government Laws will valid in case of any legal requirement.

11 . Starting company plan duration same for promtotion 3 month after company plan duration 4 month to 1 year

12. If we add any add any more terms condition we will just upload social media .

13 . If users misbehave on soical media company have rights block users account

14 . Most Impostant things If company face loss close we can close company. But We will complete your original amount step by step so users must will wait .

15 During company if owner loss life so next life cant any blame and dont bad use about company or owner .